Laboum Sugar Sugar concept photos

Concept pictures for Sugar Sugar, the second single album by Kpop girl group Laboum. Click image for HD.

Korean girl group Laboum Sugar Sugar single album

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G-Friend CeCi Magazine

Rookie girl group G-Friend in CeCi Magazine (April 2015). They made their debut in January with their first mini album, Season of Glass.

G-Friend Korean CeCi Magazine

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Lee Jong-suk & Park Shin-hye InStyle

Korean actors Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye, the on-screen couple in drama Pinocchio, reunited for InStyle Magazine (April 2015). Photos taken in London.

Lee Jong Suk Park Shin Hye InStyle Magazine

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Miss A Colors concept photos

Concept pictures for Colors, the third Korean mini album by Kpop girl group Miss A, released March 2015. Click image for HD.

Miss A Colors album concept photo

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CNBLUE Jungshin CeCi Magazine

Jungshin of boy band CNBLUE in CeCi Magazine (March 2015). He recently starred in a short drama, Thank You, My Son, which aired on KBS in February 2015.

CNBLUE Jungshin Korean CeCi Magazine

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