2NE1 I’m The Best fancam

Korean pop group 2NE1 performing hit song I’m The Best at an Adidas World Cup event in June at Nexon Arena.

Credit: InvenMovieA

GG Taeyeon Dream Concert 2014 Fancams

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Mr.Mr. and Hoot fancams at Dream Concert on June 7th.

Credit: Spinel

IU Pretty Man production presentation fancam

K-pop singer IU at a production presentation event for her new TV drama series, Pretty Man, on November 18th. The first 30 seconds will melt your heart.

Credit: 스피넬 & IUstudio

T-ara Jiyeon Hallyu Dream Concert fancam

Fancam of T-ara’s Jiyeon, performing Number 9 at Hallyu Dream Concert on October 6.

Credit: 930607com

AOA Seolhyun cute fancam

Fancam of AOA’s Seolhyun performing the group’s song Get Out at a recent event.

Credit: init724