Lee Jong-suk Oakley eyeglasses

Actor Lee Jong-suk’s endorsement photos for Oakley eyeglasses. He’s currently starring in drama Pinocchio with Park Shin-hye. Click image for HD.

Lee Jong Suk Korean Oakley eyeglasses

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Park Shin-hye Bruno Magli 2015 S/S

Actress Park Shin-hye’s new endorsement photos for Italian upscale fashion brand Bruno Magli 2015 S/S handbags collection. Click images for HD.

Park Shin Hye Bruno Magli handbags 2015 SS

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Girls’ Generation The Best Japanese Album

Concept photos for Kpop group Girls’ Generation’s The Best Japanese album (new edition), released in September 2014. The original version of the compilation album was released in July. Click images for HD.

Girls Generation Taeyeon The Best Japanese Album

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A Pink Hayoung takes college entrance exam

A Pink’s Hayoung greeted some fans and media before taking part in the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) along with many high schoolers on November 13th. Click image for HD.

A Pink Hayoung Korean College Scholastic Ability Test

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2PM Taecyeon GEEK Magazine

Boyband 2PM’s Taecyeon in Korean GEEK Magazine (Sept 2014). Click image for HD.

2PM Taecyeon Korean GEEK Magazine

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