Rest in peace EunB

Girl group Ladies Code member Go Eunbi (known by stage name EunB) passed away in a traffic accident early Wednesday morning. She was 21.

Rest in peace Ladies Code Eunb

Her fellow members and staff were also in the van that skidded in the rain near Suwon as they were returning from work. Two other Ladies Code members were seriously injured .; one of them, RiSe, is still in critical condition.

Update – RiSe passed passed away on September 7th, four days after the crash.

RIP EunB and RiSE, condolence to the family.

Girl’s Day volunteers in Thailand

Pop group Girl’s Day visited Thailand recently as ambassadors for Plan Korea, an international development organization which promotes the rights of children.

Girls Day Sojin Plan Korea in Thailand

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Miss A Jia & Fei in China

Miss A’s Chinese members Jia and Fei are back in their homeland, to film a TV show if not mistaken. According to Instagram comments the photos were taken in Guangzhou.

Miss A Jia and Fei in China

Miss A Jia and Fei in Guangzhou

Credits: Jia’s Instagram

Sunny, Yoona & Thai Food

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Yoona enjoying a meal at a Thai restaurant which is opened by actor Hong Seok-cheon.

Girls Generation Sunny Yoona Thai restaurant

Credit: Svnnynight

BoA & Derek Hough

K-pop singer BoA with American actor-dancer Derek Hough, her co-star in movie Make Your Move. The two were in Los Angeles for the premiere of the movie.

BoA Derek Hough Make Your Move selca

Credit: Boakwon