Secret Jieun hoodie selcas

Cute Instagram selfies of Jieun, member of Kpop girl group Secret. She recently starred in Korean drama series The Superman Age.

Secret Jieun Instagram hoodie selca

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Son Ye-jin Beijing Selca

Actress Son Ye-jin shared a beautiful Instagram selca while getting ready to attend a promotion event for movie Bad Guys Always Die in Beijing, China.

Actress Son Ye Jin Beijing Selca

Credit: Yejinhand

Rainbow & Amber Selca

Group selca of girl group Rainbow together with Amber of pop group f(x), taken during Jisook’s birthday celebration on July 18th.

Rainbow Jisook birthday selca with Amber

Credit: Woori’s Instagram

Park Soo-jin Waikiki Beach Selca

Selca photo of actress Park Soo-jin when she was at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii for a photoshoot with Korea’s Travelers Magazine.

Park Soo-jin Waikiki Beach selca

Credit: Soojin’s Instagram

A Pink Naeun Japanese selca

Beautiful selfies of A Pink’s Naeun. The Kpop girl group visited Japan in February to launch their Japanese single Mr. Chu.

A Pink Naeun Japanese selcaA Pink Naeun Mr Chu selca

Credit: Apink_jp