KARA & Dancers

KARA’s Hara, Seungyeon and Gyuri at a private party with their dancers. Hot Chicks is the name of the dance group, besides KARA they also work with Girl’s Day etc.

Korean girl group KARA and Hot Chicks dancers

Credit: Hotchicksbyj

Tiffany & Bora fashion selca

Selca photo of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sistar’s Bora. The two Kpop idols are starring in Fashion King Korea, a fashion themed survival show on SBS channel.

Girls Generation Tiffany Sistar Bora selca

Girls’ Generation group selca

A rare complete group selca of Girls’ Generation with all the nine members.

Girls' Generation members group selca

Credit: Taeyeon_ss

Fresh face Hara

KARA’s Hara taking a break at Jeju Island, Korea’s famous holiday destination.

KARA Hara Jeju fresh face selca

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Chocolat Tia pretty selca

Selca photos of Tia from pop group Chocolat (which has been quiet for a long while).

Chocolat Tia pretty selca picture

Chocolat Tia pretty selca photo

Credit: tia_0315