Hyomin & Jiyeon Tokyo trip on Instagram

Korean pop group T-ara’s Hyomin Instagram photos from her Japan trip. She’s taking a holiday with fellow member Jiyeon.

Tara Hyomin Jiyeon Instagram Tokyo trip

Tara Jiyeon Tokyo Shinbashi Station

Tara Hyomin Tokyo Tameikesanno Station

Tara Hyomin Tokyo trip raining

Tara Hyomin Tokyo Daikanyama trip

Tara Hyomin Jiyeon Tokyo trip selca

Tara Hyomin Tokyo Omotesando dinner

Tara Hyomin Jiyeon Tokyo taxi selca

Tara Hyomin Jiyeon Instagram Kobe beef

Tara Hyomin Jiyeon funny Instagram meal

Tara Hyomin Tokyo trip hoodie selca

Tara Hyomin Tokyo Odaiba meal

Tara Hyomin Tokyo trip VenusFort

Tara Tokyo VenusFort vintage car show

Tara Tokyo Gundam statue Instagram

Tara Tokyo sushi meal Instagram

Tara Tokyo Prince Park Tower

Tara Hyomin Jiyeon Tokyo street selca

Tara Hyomin Jiyeon Tokyo sauna trip

Credit: Hyomin’s IG

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