Beast Ordinary concept photos

Concept pictures for Ordinary (Yey), the eight mini album by boy group Beast which was released on July 27th. Click image for HD.

Beast Ordinary Yey Korean mini album

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Beast Gikwang CeCi Magazine

Gikwang of Korean pop group Beast turns into a “summer beach boy” for CeCi Magazine (June 2015).

Beast Gikwang Korean CeCi Magazine

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Beast 1st Look Magazine

Kpop group Beast in 1st Look Magazine (May 2014). These guys need to make a comeback.

Beast Korean First Look Magazine

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Beast Vogue Girl Magazine

Korean pop group Beast in Vogue Girl Magazine (June 2013).

Beast Korean Vogue Girl Magazine

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Beast & A Pink Skoolooks

BTS photos of Korean pop groups Beast and A Pink shooting a commercial for Skoolooks school uniform and apparel brand.

Beast Korean Skoolooks school uniform

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