F(x) Luna CeCi Magazine

Luna of girl group f(x) in July 2015 issue of CeCi Magazine. She has been cast as the female lead in movie The Lightning Man’s Secret which will premier later this year.

Fx Luna Korean CeCi Magazine

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Ahn Jae-hyun CeCi Magazine

Actor Ahn Jae-hyun in CeCi Magazine (June 2015). He played the main role in drama series Blood which ran from February to April in Korea. Photos taken in Thailand.

Ahn Jae-hyun Korean CeCi Magazine

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Beast Gikwang CeCi Magazine

Gikwang of Korean pop group Beast turns into a “summer beach boy” for CeCi Magazine (June 2015).

Beast Gikwang Korean CeCi Magazine

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G-Friend CeCi Magazine

Rookie girl group G-Friend in CeCi Magazine (April 2015). They made their debut in January with their first mini album, Season of Glass.

G-Friend Korean CeCi Magazine

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CNBLUE Jungshin CeCi Magazine

Jungshin of boy band CNBLUE in CeCi Magazine (March 2015). He recently starred in a short drama, Thank You, My Son, which aired on KBS in February 2015.

CNBLUE Jungshin Korean CeCi Magazine

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