Girl’s Day LG Popo wallpapers

LG Popo wallpapers (1920×1080) featuring Girls’ Day. Click image for HD.

Girls Day LG Popop wallpaper

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Girl’s Day Something concept photos

Concept image of K-pop group Girl’s Day new mini album Everyday III (aka Something).

Girls Day Something concept photo

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Girl’s Day LeShop

Korean pop group Girl’s Day posing for recent issue of BNT Magazine, in collaboration with fashion brand LeShop. Click image for HD.

Girls Day Korea LeShop fashion

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Girl’s Day BHC wallpapers

Kpop group Girl’s Day wallpapers for BHC chicken restaurant chain. Click image for HD size (1280×1024), widescreen version also available here.

Kpop group Girls Day BHC wallpaper

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Girl’s Day help police to stop school violence

Girl’s Day participated in an event organised by the police on May 7th, aimed at stopping school violence which is unfortunately a huge issue in Korea. Click image for HD.

Girls Day Korean police event

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