4Minute HyunA airport fashion

HyunA of Kpop girl group 4Minute looks sleek at Incheon International Airport on June 15th, departing to Hong Kong for a fashion event. Click images for HD.

4Minute Hyuna airport fashion

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Hyuna CeCi Magazine

Korean girl group 4Minute’s Hyuna in CeCi Magazine (May 2014), photos shot in Japan.

4Minute Hyuna CeCi Magazine in Japan

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Hyuna Mystic Fighter Cosplay

Kpop group 4Minute Hyuna’s endorsement photos for Mystic Fighter online game.

Hyuna Mystic Fighter online game

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Amber & Hyuna selca

f(x)’s Amber and 4Minute’s Hyuna. Both of them were born in the same year, something that matters when it comes to fostering friendship in Korea.

fx Amber 4minute Hyuna selca

Credit: Amber’s Instagram