GG Taeyeon Dream Concert 2014 Fancams

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Mr.Mr. and Hoot fancams at Dream Concert on June 7th.

Credit: Spinel

Girls’ Generation group selca

A rare complete group selca of Girls’ Generation with all the nine members.

Girls' Generation members group selca

Credit: Taeyeon_ss

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon adorable sleeping pose

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany snapped a photo of fellow member Taeyeon while she’s still asleep. Taeyeon was having jetlag after arriving at Las Vegas.

Girls Generation Taeyeon sleeping pose

Credit: Taeyeon_ss

Girls’ Generation LA Dodgers Korea Day

K-pop group Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Sunny and Tiffany were in Los Angeles for the Korea Day hosted by the Dodgers baseball team.

Girls Generation LA Dodgers Korea Day

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Kim Tae-yeon High Cut Magazine

Taeyeon of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation in High Cut Magazine (vol.103). Click image for HD.

Kim Taeyeon High Cut Magazine

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